Shortlist 2019

March 19th, the award ceremony was held during the official opening of Russian Textile and Light Industry Week, official annual event of the industry.

More than 3000 works were ranked by professional international jury this year.

The contest attracted over 500 artists from 123 cities of 24 countries: the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, India, China, Israel, Chile, Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, Uzbekistan.

The prizes were presented to the winners by Victor Evtukhov, vice minister of production and trade of Russian Federation, Andrey Razbrodin, president of Russian Union of Light Industry and Textile Productions (Souzlegprom), Aleksandra Kaloshina, founder of Solstudio Textile Group.

All the jury's ranks were calculated together giving every finalist a total score which led to following results:

1 place – Nana Totibadze

2 place - Nadia Grechina

3 place - Anastasia Kurbatova