Winners of the International textile contest, «Textile Design Talents Solstudio Award 2021», were announced.

According to the statistic, 400 artists from 112 cities of 26 countries have joined this competition. Every year our contest attracts more and more countries over the world. Aside from European countries, the list has been replenished with South Korea, Singapore, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Brazil, USA and so on.


Quotes from jury members about the results of the competition

David Shah, Founder of the international magazine Textile View:

First some general comments. I liked the themes of the contest very much. Micronature and Optimism are both key issues of the moment. Generally, the work was of a high standard but i have to be honest rather less inspirational and innovative than I had hoped. In the Micronature, many went down the obvious routes of texture and Tachism (well done but not surprising); in the Optimism, I felt the colour sense generally obvious with again a tendency to play safe in flat 70s styles with not as much figuratism and humour as I would have liked. But please, I do not want to be negative. There were some absolutely first class ideas and some exciting, breathtaking pieces.

Giovanni Ottonello, Art-director IED Istituto Europeo di Design:

I always wonder how a pattern is born. It’s beautiful to imagine the emotions, the ideas behind a flower, a brushstroke of color. In this contest I really saw a lot of talent and joy. Joy of life and passion.

Often those who design a dress do not put the fabric first. This is a big mistake. Understanding how a fabric falls, what its light will be or what color or pattern enhances a shape allows a dress to have personality.

Alena Akhmadullina, Founder of brand Alena Akhmadullina:

As a tradition, in the process of estimation we choose one candidate for the trainee position of our company from the finalists. Candidate can be chosen from the all participates, he/she doesn’t have to be a winner.  But, for us, the most important criterion is the original view on textile patterns which could resonates with the style of our company.

Alexandra Kaloshina , Founder of Solstudio Textile Group:                                                                This was the fourth competition period, and we can see how the approach of the participants is changing, especially it refers to those who send their works not for the first time. Works correspond to the task, analytical approach and the desire to be outside the box are visible. The contest has significantly expanded its geography this year. The participation of artists from different countries always gives a special breadth and depth of approach to task topics. All participants works are uploaded on the our company website in the public domaine. Those who decide to participate in the contest next year able to explore the drawings of previous participants collected over three years and get an accurate idea of ​​how to act via this studying.


First place – Evgeniya Yarygina (Russia)

The main prize for the winner – IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy will grant a summer course «Textile Design: Trend Forecast, Painting and Printing» held in English language at IED Como (flights are provided by SOUZLEGPROM).

Second place – Victoria Daneva (Italy)

Epson full-color printer and 10 T-shirts with a print after the self-made design.

Third place  Julia Shora (Russia)

Digital textile printing of the winner’s print collection of 10 patterns at the participant’s option, at the Solstudio Industry factory . The production is fully funded by the Contest Organizer.

Prizes in special nominations were provided by the partners of the contest:

  • AvaCad license and Cad specialist training (CST) from AvaCad company for winners.
  • Internships in the Solstudio Textile Design and Alena Akhmadullina brand companies.
  • Publication of an interview with the winner in the magazine FASHION COLLECTION.
  • Commemorative diplomas, Pantone Color Match Card and 1 month certificate for fixed workplace in co-working space from technopark “Kalibr” for all finalists.