Giovanni Ottonello, Istituto Europeo di Design, has given contest participants a few clues.

1. Question: When you are looking for a textile pattern, what exactly are you looking for? What attracts your attention the most (color, style, drawing technique, etc.)?

Giovanni Ottonello: The trend now is the flowers (Gucci style) and for me its important the balance between color and size of the drawing. Elegance!

2. Question: How do you seen the position of textile design in the world? How important is it for fashion industry in the moment?

Giovanni Ottonello: We are living a double moment: 1. the return of the decoration 2. using of lettering. Big words to tell a mood! In Italy we have the most important place for the textile.  Around Como Lake (near Milan) a lot of companies have found the right location to develop this activity very famous in the World. IED has decided to open a school there exactly for having strong connection with the territory and for helping the students to see and visit the factories and the process. Craftsmanship!

3. Question: What do you expect from designs of participants of the contest?

Giovanni Ottonello: I hope they don’t copy but they propose something personal where the color, shape or fabric is in connection with a clear target. Surprise!