Interview with David Shah

We had an interview with David Shah, Publisher & CEO Metropolitan Publishing BV. David`s answers will help participants of the contest to understand expectations of professional jury.

1. When you are looking for a textile pattern, what exactly are you looking for? What attracts your attention the most (color, style, drawing technique, etc.)?
David Shah: It all depends on the season and what’s happening in fashion at that time. I think at the moment, it’s colour that is the most important thing. Clever use of key trends,, i.e. yellow, lilac, fuchsia, mint green and above all neons where they are used and combined in unexpected way. Sometimes, of course, it’s the patterns that count (florals and more florals) and how they are resented in new scales and pattern play Gucci style.

2. How do you seen the position of textile design in the world? How important is it for fashion industry in the moment?
David Shah: Print and embellishment have had a big moment. At the moment, I feel it’s colour that rules but that is to say that pattern is not important. Far from it. Remember, the world is polarized at the moment between minimalism and maximilism. There’s a strong feeling for sustainability and recycling but not at the cost of aesthetics and fun. Responsible is good: worthy is dull!

3. What do you expect from designs of participants of the contest?
David Shah: I am from an older textile generation so i am looking to the new to, as Cocteau said, “Etonnez-moi”. Astonishing me can be done in many ways – what you choose to present, how you present it, how you surprise me with unexpected use of colour and juxtaposition. I want the new generation of textile designers to bring me somewhere new. Remember we are currently sitting on the brink of a new visual realm that upends our relationship with reality.