Patrycja Barcik

Описание работы:

Theme 1 Argyle
I made abstract composition and 2 abstraction surface patterns with triangles. My inspiration was geometric form of argyle.
Theme 2 Marine Romance
I made 4 surface patterns. My inspiration was underwater world.

1.-Argyle-1.jpg"> 1.-Argyle-2.jpg"> 1.-Argyle-3.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-1a.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-1b.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-2a.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-2b.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-3a.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-3b.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-4a.jpg"> 2.-Marine-Romance-4b.jpg">