Kavitha Paramasivan

Описание работы:

I enjoyed working on the Marine Romance and Argyle themes for this competition. I have gone in for details, seamless patterns created in double-scale and randomised repeats. I have hand-drawn many elements, used drawings of my four year old niece, and some vintage illustrations of British Sea Life that are more than 100 to 150 years old! I feel inspired in giving life to drawings that can be applied on fabrics, paper, and ceramics.

I would like to submit four designs in each theme. It was challenging while at the same time truly inspiring to create these designs from the brief given.

SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-Arg1.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-Arg2.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-Arg3.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-Arg4.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-MR1.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-MR2.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-MR3.jpg"> SolStudio-2019-KavithaP-MR4.jpg">