Justinah Kay

Описание работы

Theme 1
Micro Nature
Cute mini leaves clustered together on a branch, tiny insects, baby buds and bijou blossoms are the heroes of this theme as I find my micro-cosmos in the garden. Mother Nature, with her tiniest details, is so inspiring!

Theme 2
The most important element of this theme is the colour – uplifting and full of energy yellow, revitalising teal, playful and comforting pink. The palette emulates a vibe of joy and happiness and together with the florals and fruits carries a clear message – “Stay Positive”!

The artwork is a mix of digital illustrations and hand-painted watercolour.

1.MicroNature_JustinahKay.jpg 2.MicroNature_Meadow.jpg 3.MicroNature_Tea_Roses.jpg 4.-MicoNature_Silk_Trio.jpg 5.MicroNature_Lavender_Roses.jpg 6.MicroNature_Buds.jpg 7.MicroNature_Ribbon_Trio.jpg 8.-MicroNature_Branches.jpg 9.-MicroNature_Winged.jpg 10.MicroNature_Mini_leaves.jpg 11.MicroNature_Mini_leaves_trio.jpg 12.MicroNature_Buds_Fabric.jpg 13.Micronature_Tiny_buds.jpg 1.Optimism_Justinah_Kay.jpg 2.Optimism_Floral-Jungle.jpg 3.Optimism_Floral-Dress.jpg 4.Optimism_Happy-Lemons.jpg 5.Optimism_Happy-Lemons-Tracksuit.jpg 6.Optimism_Branch-Time.jpg