Dimitar Avramov

Описание работы

First topic “Geology” – From the wealth of Earth with it luxuriance and beauty, intensity of colors, forms and contrasts I obtained inspiration and in bare branches of the trees found symbols with underground water .Earth and color in contemporary color trends. Finally bismuth, chemical compound, crystal, which can reflect the light and chance its nuance in different colors when heat up.
Second topic “After Baroque” – Baroque – period of big contrasts. Exuberance and poverty. Temptations, passions, vanity remain in us intensity of these senses after itself. My models are inspired by these forms, trophies, culinary, feasts, contrasts in colors, intensity of materials and brave non-standard combinations, brooches, lace, gold, velvet, cloud forms, rhythm and exuberance.

Geology-8.jpg Geology-9.jpg Geology-10.jpg Geology-1-8.jpg Geology-6-2.jpg Geology-7.jpg Baroque-1-5.jpg Baroque-2-5.jpg Baroque-3-5.jpg Baroque-4-3.jpg Baroque-5-1.jpg Baroque-6.jpg Baroque-7.jpg Baroque-8.jpg