Bethania Lima

Описание работы:

For this challenge I worked mainly with watercolor because I thought it was the adequate medium. For the argyle theme the watercolor gave me the lightness and the fluidity that I needed to approach the geometric theme in a loose and free way. For the maritime theme, drawing with india ink and painting with watercolor was a natural option. Playing with different originals in Photoshop added the possibility of making sure the repeats were seamless and that I could play with blending modes and different scales for added means of expression. Never mind the result, it is evident that I did have lots of fun in the process.

Presentation_Board_by_BLD_for_Sol_Studio_Design.jpg"> Argyle_Parisienne_BLD_web.jpg"> Argyle_a_la_Klee_BLD_web.jpg"> bluue_jewels_BLD_web.jpg"> ocean_precious_stones_BLD_web.jpg"> fun_party_in_the_sea_BLD_web.jpg"> mesmerizing_BLD_web.jpg">